Mpact Initiative is our quest to share our blessings with the world.

In addition to supporting many local causes, we are also dedicated to three global causes (all basic necessities) which many people around the world don't have easy access to.  Our mission is to give our customers the opportunity to help contribute to these causes along with us.  By selling every day items such as gum, mints and water (each dedicated to a corresponding cause), our customers can choose to spend a little bit more on a product that will be helping provide basic necessities to people around the world.  Each container of mints will plant one tree.  Each gum purchase will go towards building a school.  Each bottle of water will help build wells.  To learn more about each cause and the charities involved, click on the images below.

Build a School

education square-03

Plant a Tree

plant a tree square

Provide Clean Water

water square-01