About Us


Midtex Oil has been family owned and operated since 1966. With four warehouses and 20 convenience stores throughout Texas, we employ over 250 people.

Midtex Oil has always been a big part of the communities in which we operate. But we wanted more. We wanted to make an "Mpact" on our community and the world we live in. Thus, Mpact Initiative was born.

Check us out at www.midtexoil.com.

MPact Initiative is Midtex Oil's quest to share our blessings with the world. By partnering up with three different charities, we have created a program that allows our customers to purchase every day items that a portion of the proceeds are donated to a charity. Midtex Oil will match those donations. By contributing to causes that are important to our company, we hope to make an "Mpact" on our surrounding communities and the world. As convenience store owner/operators, we want to combat some of the false perceptions that people have about us. We know that the first things that come to people's minds are that we are not environmentally friendly, that our employees may occasionally be rude and appear uneducated and we do not promote healthiness and well being with our food offerings. Our goal with Mpact Initiative is to help our customers see that there is more to us than that. One of the ways we currently do this is by embracing our communities and giving our time to local charitable causes.